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UK interest rates on hold amid Brexit impasse
Bank of England says the outlook will depend "significantly on the nature and timing of EU withdrawal".
Bank payment scams claim 84,000 victims
Banks say scam merchants are shifting their attention to conning members of the public directly.
Ted Baker to 'learn lessons' of hugs probe
The firm's pledge comes after founder Ray Kelvin stepped down over misconduct allegations.
UK retail sales up but food spending falls
Sales at food stores in February saw the biggest fall since December 2016, official figures show.
Next's store sales and profits keep falling
The retailer says online is long-term threat to shops, but an opportunity for the whole group.
'They took £150 from the till - was it really worth it?'
Lilly was tasered in the shop where she worked, just one of the 115 retail workers attacked every day.
Brexit: Toilet paper maker stockpiles in a case of no-deal
Major toilet tissue producer Wepa has accelerated plans to charter ships to prepare for no-deal.
Government spends £7m as no-deal ferry bookings start
The money covers the first fortnight of the services, which will transport vital goods such as medicines.
Slower US growth means no rate rise for 2019, says Fed
The central bank had hinted at two rises this year, but is more cautious due to slower economic growth.
Levi Strauss worth $6.5bn in stock market return
Shares in the inventor of the blue jean have been priced above expectations for its New York flotation
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