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Coronavirus: Autumn Budget to be scrapped this year
"Now is not the right time to outline long-term plans," the Treasury says.
Sunak to announce new job protection plans
The chancellor will give an update on Thursday about "protecting jobs" as the furlough scheme winds down.
Brexit: Lorry drivers will need a permit to enter Kent after transition period
The government plans to create an internal border to prevent gridlock on the county's motorways.
McDonald's and Pret 'not included' in new table service rules
The government has clarified new guidelines designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.
Does BlackRock have the world's toughest rules on romance?
It's not just the flings with colleagues, BlackRock wants to know who you are dating outside the office too.
Uncle Ben's rice changes name to more 'equitable' brand
Products will be labelled Ben's Original and will no longer show the bow-tied black man on packaging.
Asda to crack down on shoppers without face masks
Its staff will soon offer customers disposable face masks to be paid for at the end of their trip.
Could churches double up as bank branches in cash-stricken areas?
The idea is one of a number being trialled to help improve access to cash in remote areas.
Upper Crust owner: 'Demand for travel will return'
SSP sales are 76% down with about two-thirds of its outlets closed across the group.
Nike expects permanent shift to online sales
The sportswear giant has seen digital sales soar and says few customers will revert back to stores.
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